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Management Information Systems Course Descriptions

MIS-713: Management and Implementation of Enterprise Information Systems This is an applied course in information systems concepts and techniques used in today's competitive environment. Topics will include the concepts of enterprise information systems, use of information systems to achieve strategic goals and to gain competitive advantages, the impacts of information systems on business process reengineering...
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Business Careers based on MBA

The following are potential job careers that are available to students that graduate from the Master of Business Administration Program: Jobs Careers for Graduates of the Accounting Concentration: External Auditor Internal Auditor Tax Specialist Financial Analyst Forensic Accountant Corporate Accountant Compliance Auditor Information Technology Auditor Certified Public Accountant Jobs Careers for Graduates of the Human Resources Management Concentration: Human Resources Manager Training and Development Manager and Specialist Compensation and...
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Economics Course Descriptions

ECON-706: Seminar in Economics This course introduces basic microeconomic principles and their applications in business. Basic economic concepts, including marginal analysis of consumer and firm decisions, will be covered along with macroeconomic theories that support managers understanding of the global economic environment and the economic policies affecting that environment. ECON–608: Managerial Economics This course will apply economic...
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Supply Chain Management Course Descriptions

 Curriculum Guide

SCS–720: Global Supply Chain Design and Management This course is a comprehensive study of the concepts, processes, and models used in the design, development, analysis, and management of global supply chains. Specific topics include global procurement, electronic commerce, facilities location, transportation decisions, routing and scheduling, distribution planning, information technology, and logistics systems design....
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