Our MBA degree is a professional graduate, business degree, which provides students with a thorough understanding of the basic business essentials (e.g. economics, accounting, finance, management, etc.) followed by intense study in one of four business concentrations: General, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain Management. These concentrations represent business areas that are growing in professional importance and career opportunities.

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MBA-Accounting Concentration

The Accounting MBA concentration offers accounting graduates the opportunity to enhance the breadth and depth of their accounting education as well as gain sufficient credit hours to take the CPA examination. The program provides a balance of advanced financial and managerial accounting concepts while also addressing current international accounting topics.

The Advanced Auditing course applies advanced auditing concepts and techniques to various transaction cycles and employs case studies to reinforce the application of course content. The Accounting concentration intentionally includes content needed to support professional certification in accounting.

MBA-Human Resource Management Concentration

The Human Resources Management MBA concentration is intended for a student interested in pursuing a career in human resources management or developing a better understanding of how to effectively attract, motivate, and retain human resources. The curriculum within the HR concentration is certified by the Society for Human Resources Management, the premier association for HR professionals in the world.

Courses such as Human Resources Management Strategy enable students to understand the role of human resource management in creating a competitive advantage through the workforce. In addition, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of human resource management through consulting projects with local organizations.

MBA-Supply Chain Management Concentration

The Supply Chain Management MBA concentration addresses the need for professional knowledge and skills relating to supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, procurement, and distribution. As global operations continue to become more complex, corporations and the consulting firms that support them are moving quickly to hire people with supply chain management expertise.

Courses such as Procurement Logistics and Supply Management will provide a cross-functional management framework that includes strategic sourcing, customer-supplier relationship management, demand management, and day-to-day purchasing. This course also includes an experiential learning component designed to increase the understanding of the impact of strategic sourcing and supply management on the competitive success and profitability of the firm.

General MBA Concentration

The NCA&T General MBA program covers several important business disciplines, including economics, human resources, marketing, and business policy. Students who do not wish to choose a specific area of business specialization may desire to select the General Concentration. Our general Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides comprehensive training in a wide variety of business disciplines. Get an overview of the curriculum and future opportunities for graduates by clicking above. Programs are available in both online and on-campus formats.

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