January 14

Business Careers based on MBA Concentration

Business Careers based on MBA Concentration

The following are potential job careers that are available to students that graduate from the Master of Business Administration Program:

Jobs Careers for Graduates of the Accounting Concentration:

External Auditor
Internal Auditor
Tax Specialist
Financial Analyst
Forensic Accountant
Corporate Accountant
Compliance Auditor
Information Technology Auditor
Certified Public Accountant

Jobs Careers for Graduates of the Human Resources Management Concentration:

Human Resources Manager
Training and Development Manager and Specialist
Compensation and Benefits Manager and Specialist
Employee Insurance Coordinator
Employee Relations Manager
Staffing Planner
OSHA/EPA/Safety/Legislative Coordinator
Union Relations Manager


Jobs Careers for Graduates of the Supply Chain Management Concentration:

Transportation Planner – commercial, federal/state/municipal government
Urban and Regional Planner
Urban and Regional Traffic Analyst
Transportation Scheduler (air, RR, highway, or water conveyance)
Supply Chain Manager
Purchasing Specialist or Manager
International Purchasing Agent
Warehouse Manager
Distribution Manager (UPS, Federal Express, Roadway, etc.)
Production Planning Manager
Production Scheduling Specialist
Inventory Managers or Specialist
Port Authority Manager or Specialist
Transportation Inspection and Security Manager
Transportation Security Specialist