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Tiffany’s Testimonial

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Tiffany Adams is an accomplished professional. After receiving a Ph.D. and starting a business, Tiffany joined NCA&T's MBA program to get the information and training she needed to go to the Next Level.

Learn a bit more about Tiffany's amazing story of success by watching this short video. Our MBA degree is a professional graduate, business degree, which provides students with a thorough understanding of the basic business essentials (e.g. economics, accounting, finance, management, etc.) followed by intense study in one of four business concentrations: Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain Management. These concentrations represent business areas that are growing in professional importance and career opportunities.

Tiffany got the benefits, as all of our MBA students, to have access to corporate executives throughout their degree. These executives will help to build or refine the courses, assist in the design of appropriate assignments and assessments, and respond to students’ questions throughout the course. Executive lectures may visit the campus as time permits, or they may interact with students and the professor in a virtual space.

If you are professional with excellent credentials, find out how you can do even more with an MBA from North Carolina A&T State University!

2019 Spring Online MBA Orientation Webinar

Recordings of our last webinar

Webinar Title: 2019 Online MBA Orientation Webinar Webinar Date: Live On - Wednesday, January 9, 2019, 11:30 AM EST

NCA&T Online MBA Orientation Webinar presented by Dr. Eric M. Gladney, Assistant Dean, and MBA Director - Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics. Overview of the program with questions and answers. This webinar...
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Dr. Phillips talks about MBA study abroad opportunities

Study abroad opportunities give students a global perspective. Dr. Phillps shows Betsey how Experiential Learning plays an important part of the NCA&T MBA experience. The program is truly Student-Centered and Business Mentored.

NCA&T has a wide variety of opportunities for experiential learning in the US and abroad!