General Management, Post Baccalaureate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in General Management provides a broad skillset that prepares business professionals for success in any industry or job function at any time in their careers. Recipients of our post baccalaureate curriculum build a foundation of knowledge by completing a set of core courses in data analytics, accounting, organizational behavior and economics. This broad knowledge lays the groundwork for someone focused on looking to assume more responsibility with their current employer or seek a new position with a different company or industry. A focus is placed on developing and understanding leadership principles, along with honing analytical and management skills. Our 100% in class and online Graduate Certificate in General Management provides students with flexibility and choice.  The courses taken as a part of the Graduate Certificate in General Management will transfer (with grade of B or better) into the MBA program.

Certificate Requirements

Total credit hours: 12

  • BUAN 725, ACCT 710, MGMT 720, ECON 708

Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics   

Graduate Coordinator: Eric Gladney                Email: [email protected]     Phone: 336-285-3774

Department Chair:  Eric Gladney                      Email: [email protected]    Phone: 336-334-3774

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