December 7

Economics Course Descriptions

Economics Course Descriptions

ECON-706: Seminar in Economics

This course introduces basic microeconomic principles and their applications in business. Basic economic concepts, including marginal analysis of consumer and firm decisions, will be covered along with macroeconomic theories that support managers understanding of the global economic environment and the economic policies affecting that environment.

ECON–608: Managerial Economics

This course will apply economic principles to decision-making in management. The basic tools and methods of analysis are derived mainly from microeconomics. Additional tools discussed include statistical methods, operations research, financial analysis, and decision-making theory that are applied to managerial decision-making problems. Particular emphasis will be placed on demand analysis, forecasting, pricing and output decisions, cost-benefit analysis, present value analysis, cost-benefit analysis, capital budgeting, risk analysis, and decision making under uncertainty. Prerequisites: ACCT 708, MGMT 705, MGMT 712, ECON 706 and MGMT 715.