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Fall 2017 MBA Student Orientation

Fall 2017 MBA Student Orientation

Webinar Title: Fall 2017 MBA Student Orientation Webinar Date: Aug 14th 2017 1:00 PM EST This webinar included an Overview – College of Business and Economics including the MBA Curriculum Overview, Foundation Courses: A Critical Factor For Success, Career Placement, Ethical Leadership. The webinar was well attended and was thorough in content and details of the program and concentrations. Read more

MBA Orientation at Sky Wild

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Our student centered programs stretch you, challenge you and help you reach your full potential. The SKY is the limit.

SKYWILD is a treetop adventure park located above the Greensboro Science Center's zoo. The park consists of 60 challenges that range in height from 12 to 45 feet above the ground. The Sky is the limit with a N.C. A&T MBA!