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  • Give Your Career a Gift of an MBA program in the New Year!
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    Starting your path to an MBA at North Carolina A&T State University MBA program will be a great gift for yourself and a boost to your career. Business school gives you new skills and knowledge that will turbocharge your career. While MBA students often set their sights on a job in finance or consulting, the hard and soft skills acquired during an MBA Continue Reading...
  • Cerner Corporation: Internships and Permanent Opportunities
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    Internships and Permanent Opportunities Cerner Corporation meeting held on November 15, 2017. The Cerner Corporation is located in Kansas City and a supplier of health information technology.  Cerner clients include the NBA, Frito Lay, DoD, Microsoft and Google just to name a few.  Cerner recruits all majors in COBE (See attached) and still has opportunities available.  If you are an Continue Reading...

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    • Give Your Career a Gift of an MBA program in the New Year!
      Starting your path to an MBA at North Carolina A&T State...
    • Why get an MBA?
      For many people, a graduate business degree is the ideal platform to continue their professional and personal development and achieve their career goals.
    • Enhance Your Career with a MBA
      MBAs are a popular degree for continuing education students and earning an MBA is hard work but the rewards are worth the effort. They're often accompanied by an increase in pay and prestige, along with a better career in general.
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      The following are potential job careers that are available to students that graduate from the Master of Business Administration Program...
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    Our faculty, administrators, and staff are committed to the excellence of your graduate studies and great success in your future, professional career. Students who are ambitious, talented and who see opportunity in every challenge will thrive in our student-centered and business-mentored environment at North Carolina A&T State University.  No matter what life you may carve out for yourself, our MBA courses are designed to propel you into the future, with the transferrable skills and passion to excel in your career.

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    Some of @_iamanglero /Quentin Anglero’s friends jokingly call him the manager. He doesn’t tell people what to do, but he has a knack for teaching others how to be productive and get things done. It’s just who he is and it’s a leadership tactic that he believes he acquired on campus, but mainly once he joined his beloved fraternity.

    “When I first got to A&T I was very shy and quiet. Once I ventured out and joined organizations I began to consider myself a leader. Alpha Phi Omega is a love of mine. It is dear to my heart. I didn’t know much about it at first. Once I learned about it and did it, it has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me while being on campus. It has offered me a lot of leadership development and networking opportunities.”

    The depth of his leadership skills matches the passion he has for helping others. “I’ve always been one to help others and put people before myself. That’s why I chose physical therapy as a major. I want to help people and nurse them back to health.”

    The 270 hours he spent interning and volunteering in the profession was nothing but pure bliss. With the activities, exercises and instructions he devised for patients, he was able to apply classroom theories in real-world scenarios.

    “That’s how I work best. I need to be able to get down, get moving and do it myself.”
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    #NCATGrad story: “There is such a lack of us going into STEM fields. I am really passionate about promoting our students and helping them. I tell them you can do it. I did it. Many people before you did it. And those coming behind you will do it.”

    While the culinary arts hold a special place in Jenelle Brison’s heart, she has always been a scientist at her core. And she’s always been good at it as well. When she decided at a young age that she wanted to be a physician it was probably music to her mother’s ears, who’s also a physician. But that wasn’t why she choose the profession. It was her decision and hers alone.

    “People say they want to be a physician until they realize the work that has to be put in to get to that point.” “My mom didn’t push me into medicine. I always tell people, there is no “pushing” someone into this field. In order to manage through the workload, you have to really want it for yourself. It has to be your dream. And it really is my dream. That’s what helps me make it through the long nights and early mornings of study.”

    She didn’t just “manage” through it, she excelled through it, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA the entire time. After securing her Bachelor of Science in Biology, she went full steam ahead into the graduate program earning a Master of Science in biology. Although the program isn’t accelerated, she and her best friend, who’s headed to dental school, earned their degrees in three semesters.

    “We accelerated the program ourselves. We came in. Knew what we really wanted to do and did it.” “I worked as a teaching assistant, a biology lab instructor and a graduate research assistant. With our program, research is mandatory. I ended up joining a bioinformatics laboratory. It’s basically a merger between computer science and biology using computer programs to analyze big data like whole genome sequences and things of that nature.”

    In August 2018, she will begin medical school. In the meantime, she’s passionately encouraging students, especially African American students to pursue STEM professions.
    #NCAT #AggiePride #InsideNCAT
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    It’s never too late to learn. It’s never too late to start and it’s never too late to finish.”

    A senior in high school in 1967, Lillian Faucette only had one school she planned on attending. It was N.C. A&T. “If A&T hadn’t accepted me I would have been devastated, because that’s where I wanted to go.” And she did go. She began her freshman year in August, 1967, a nursing student. Her life took off from there. Marriage her sophomore year, beginning a family her junior year.

    “My husband was in the military. My junior year he went to Vietnam. I finished my junior year, but that summer I moved with him to live on base. It was my goal to come back and finish, but during that time we started our family and I never did come back. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t come back earlier. As a matter of fact, I did come back. I came back to A&T in the 80s, but only took one class, this time I was determined to come back and finish." But why?

    “I must admit I'm one of those people who likes to finish what I started and that was the one thing in my life that I hadn’t finished.

    Having raised two children and encouraging them to finish things they start it was heavily on my heart that I didn’t do what I stressed so much for them to do. I’ll admit I was a little bit jealous. My husband has a degree hanging on the wall and we’ve been married for 48 years. We have two sons. My oldest son has two degrees hanging on his wall. My youngest son is an A&T graduate and he has two degrees hanging on his wall. I was the only one that didn’t. I have grandchildren and I want them to see that education is important and if you start something, you need to finish it. I want them to know it’s never too late to learn. It’s never too late to start and it’s never too late to finish.”

    Through the Aggies at the Goal line program, Lillian just received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in African American studies.
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    “Exceptional people do what the ordinary fear.” That’s one of @lexylex3333 /Alexxus Davis’ favorite quotes. And she lives by it.

    Her #NCATGrad story has an international twist. Travel has always been her passion and studying abroad provided the perfect opportunity. Throughout college she has called Paris, Beijing and Shanghai home.

    “Studying abroad teaches you about yourself and others around you and gives you a different perspective on life. It’s not as scary as it seems. You get to see a different culture. And it’s easier to learn the language.”

    While forensic accounting is the career path she has chosen (and will begin her first position with Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas), ultimately working in an international capacity for the FBI is one of her goals. The other? “If money were no object, I’d be a tour guide.” “I love to travel.” And she believes all people should see other parts of the world. #NCAT #AggiePride
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