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  • Dr. Brandis Phillips – Associate Professor of Accounting
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    Brandis Phillips, Ph.D., CPA Associate Professor of Accounting Biography: Dr. Phillips is currently an associate professor in the accounting department at North Carolina A & T State University.  He teaches principles of accounting, accounting information systems and international accounting.  His research interests include the strategic use of information systems, group dynamics of diverse systems development teams, user distrust of information Continue Reading...
  • 2018 Resolution you can still keep – MBA
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    res·o·lu·tion noun plural noun: resolutions 1. a firm decision to do something! It's not too late to start the process of getting an NCA&T MBA. Having an MBA is a powerful tool that can increase job security with your current employer or within your current industry. When the Graduate Management Admission Council released its latest annual poll of employers, it forecasted Continue Reading...

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March 2018 MBA Webinar

March 2018 MBA Webinar Webinar Title:  March 2018 MBA Webinar Webinar Date: March 29th 2018 11:30 AM EST This webinar included an Overview – College of Business and Economics including the MBA Curriculum Overview, Foundation Courses: A Critical Factor For Success, Career Placement, Ethical Leadership. Click Here to confirm attendance for the webinar! Listen...

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    • Give Your Career a Gift of an MBA program in the New Year!
      Starting your path to an MBA at North Carolina A&T State...
    • Why get an MBA?
      For many people, a graduate business degree is the ideal platform to continue their professional and personal development and achieve their career goals.
    • Enhance Your Career with a MBA
      MBAs are a popular degree for continuing education students and earning an MBA is hard work but the rewards are worth the effort. They're often accompanied by an increase in pay and prestige, along with a better career in general.
    • Business Careers based on MBA Concentration
      The following are potential job careers that are available to students that graduate from the Master of Business Administration Program...
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    Our faculty, administrators, and staff are committed to the excellence of your graduate studies and great success in your future, professional career. Students who are ambitious, talented and who see opportunity in every challenge will thrive in our student-centered and business-mentored environment at North Carolina A&T State University.  No matter what life you may carve out for yourself, our MBA courses are designed to propel you into the future, with the transferrable skills and passion to excel in your career.

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