Why get an MBA?

For many people, a graduate business degree is the ideal platform to continue their professional and personal development and achieve their career goals. Take a look at these common motivating factors to determine whether you, too, should head back to the classroom for an MBA.

1. You want to switch careers. By some estimates, at least two-thirds of MBA applicants look to business school as a surefire way to launch their career in a new direction.

2. Your target company demands it. If your sights are set on working for companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., McKinsey & Co. or Boston Consulting Group, know that having the MBA credential is typically an unspoken requirement. These and many other top firms mandate MBA degrees for upper management positions.

3. You hit a ceiling. To broaden your role and shift to areas where you have greater growth potential an MBA will offer new opportunities.

4. You need new skills.  Business is constantly changing. It is important to update your skills to meet the growing demands of industry. An MBA widens your horizons and opens your mind to new technologies, strategies and methodologies.

5. Enhance your credentials. An MBA can give you additional credibility, confidence, a broader view and deeper understanding of business.

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